Diane Hagerty, Enrolled Agent 

Diane Hagerty Reading a bookEnrolled Agent is the highest credential awarded by the IRS.

I can represent taxpayers in all tax matters before the IRS, state, and local governments.

I work with a close network of experts and professionals in other fields (such as attorneys, insurance, and investment) to help serve your legal and financial needs better. If your needs are beyond my scope, I probably have someone that can help you.

Enrolled Agent


My specialty is solving complex tax problems. 

No tax issues are too big or too small. 

                                   Education & Experience
  • Honors Graduate with B.S. in Business & Accounting from University of Phoenix
  • Over 20 years experience working with taxes and 10 years in private practice
  • Annual IRS training
  • Small businesses owner
  • Specializing in individuals, families, small businesses, and the self-employed
  • Experienced in all areas of taxation
  • Representing clients to the IRS, Dept of Finance, and other taxation agencies